BIG Hillary Donor Increased Her Pay To $18 MILLION After Gouging Prices On Lifesaving Medicine

This one is just another case of shady politics, greedy democrats, and the Clinton Foundation just being involved in everything that’s evil.

A drug company CEO has just been reported on receiving a 671% pay raise. This would normally not throw up such enormous red flags. After all, CEOs of major companies get pay raises that border on the ridiculous every year. They’ve worked their way to the top and most likely deserve they money they’ve rightfully earned, something liberal freeloaders would never understand.

However, the timing of this raise is peculiar because her company, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, has raised the price of their EpiPens a whopping 460% since 2007. As you can imagine, People are livid.

The CEO of the company that drastically increased the price of EpiPens got huge pay increases over the years, with her salary reaching nearly $19 million annually.

According to filings reported by NBC News, Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch’s yearly compensation rose from $2,453,456 in 2007 to $18,931,068 last year.

That truly is an astronomical amount of money!

The 671% raise for Bresch came after the company bought the rights to EpiPens, which are used to combat severe allergic reactions with an emergency injection of epinephrine.

In 2007, the Epi-Pen’s wholesale price was $56.64, but it has now grown 460% to a whopping $317.82. The company’s stock price more than tripled over that period.

Bresch is the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and some have called for congressional hearings after learning of her huge pay hikes amid the Epi-Pen price increases.

Ahhhhh so now the truth comes out. It was a liberal that made the increases happen. They don’t care about the health of Americans, they just care about money. Sounds Clinton-esque to me. In fact, Heather Bresch, on top of being an allegedly unscrupulous CEO, is a big Hillary Clinton supporter.

The Clinton Foundation partnered with Mylan at a time when it was raising prices on the EpiPen, which had been distributed by Merck.

Ironically, the company partnered in 2009 with the Clinton Foundation to provide a lower-cost alternative for four HIV drugs. Clinton Foundation records show that Mylan has donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Foundation. It is not clear when the donation was made, but it likely corresponded with the 2009 partnership.

So this donor is likely paying the Clinton Foundation for a say in big government deals the liberals are in charge of. This happened under Hillary’s Secretary of State watch right? Unbelievable. Actually no, totally believable. It’s exactly something the Clintons and liberals would do together.


(Sources: Fox News and The Daily Caller)