Beyonce Insulted All Cops At The VMAs, Immediately Got GUT CHECKED By AMERICA

Remember back during the Super Bowl when Beyonce’s performance was labeled as “racist” when she had a Black Panther inspired routine? Well it seems that she’s not done making headlines and this time it’s even more disgusting than before.

Beyonce’s performance last night at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) will go down in history as “one of the best ever” within the music and liberal community for it’s “showmanship and message.” Of course those aren’t direct quotes, but I know that’s exactly what they will say. Among the insanely too long 15 minute mashup of songs off her hit album “Lemonade” she sang “Pray You Catch Me” and was on stage with dancers all dressed in white (a nod to innocence and purity). As the song progressed, the dancers were “shot” and they fell to the floor. Once there, they were bathed in red light signifying the shooting of an innocent person. This, of course, is directly talking about police shootings.

Don’t believe me? Check out the hooded figure that emerges behind her after the first song around the 2:20 mark of the video.

Still think that’s too vague? Here is Beyonce before the show with 4 “mothers of the movement,” who are mothers of 4 “victims” of police shootings.

She was accompanied on the red carpet by four “mothers of the movement,” whose children had been killed by police.

Beyoncé’s entourage included Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Lesley McSpadden-Head, mother of Michael “Mike” Brown, Jr.; and Wanda Johnson, Oscar Grant’s mother.

So not only did she glorify a movement that has racist connotations (Black Lives Matter), she furthered the race gap in this country. Americans are responding to the performance and absolutely destroying Beyonce for her misguided and idiotic message.

Even political news is getting in on the Beyonce slamming act and they are spot on.

Hey, Beyonce, let’s get some facts straight. Among all these  police shootings that are apparently targeting black Americans because of race, you’re failing to bring light to a MUCH more severe topic: black on black crime. The count, by my math, of “newsworthy” police shootings in the last 2 years is around 15-30 counts. Just this past weekend, more than 50 black Americans were shot an killed in Chicago alone, by other black Americans. You need to do yourself and this country a huge favor and shut the f**k up. What you’re doing is making matters worse and perpetuating a mentality that will only hinder black progress.

Beyonce, you’re clueless and should just stop. Forever.

(Source: Facebook)