Bernie Supporters Are Calling Trump “Violent.” Meanwhile They Do This

During this election cycle, when you hear the phrase “violent protests” what immediately comes to your mind? Maybe you think of a Trump rally where you’ve seen TV snippets of Trump supporters physically punching the protesters on the way out. Maybe you think of the protests outside the Trump rallies that show Donald Trump and all his supporters in a negative light.

At face value, this is exactly what the Liberal media wants you to think. We never get a clear picture of what’s really happening. All we see are 30 second clips, edited to portray Trump and all of his supporters as reckless, racist, or violent. However, we know the truth here.

We know that Trump supporters are really the non-violent ones. How do we know this? Well there’s one simple answer that most people are realizing.

When Trump has a rally, many Liberals show up to confront Trump’s supporters. These protesters are actively seeking out confrontation and no one seems to realize this. What are Trump supporters doing? They’re going to see the man they want to vote for and don’t want trouble, yet these protesters show up, get in their face, and call them names like racists, even though most Liberals use the word “racist” as an excuse to push an agenda they don’t even understand.

When was the last time you heard about Trump supporters showing up to a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton event, to protest Hillary’s lies and possible treason or Bernie’s crack pot economic theories? Having a hard time remembering?

Well, that’s because it doesn’t happen.

Yet, we Trump supporters get a bad name for ourselves because when these Liberals show up to Trump’s events, they attack us, throw eggs, and smear our good names in the fight for “tolerance.” How ass backwards is that? We’re the violent ones? I disagree completely and here’s the undeniable proof as to why the Liberals are the true violent participants here.

If this doesn’t make you blood boil, nothing will. And yes, you saw that video correctly. That was Bernie supporters pepper spraying an 8 year old girl. I ask again, how are we the violent ones? Every single shot in that video was a Liberal or Democrat supporter attacking a Trump supporter. We aren’t violent. We aren’t racist. You, the Liberal scum who only want to yell and not have an intelligent conversation, are wrong. You never will be right because you hate conversation.

You hate the truth. You want to live in your own little bubble and forget the world exists.

Guess what? Not good enough. You need to wake up and realize that America is in shambles and you’re the ones to blame, not Republicans.

We have an obligation to our fellow Trump supporters, the country, and the virtue that is the TRUTH to share this video throughout America. People need to see these protesters for who they really are: uneducated, loud mouthed, thug, violent, scumbags that don’t have a tolerant bone in their body.

(Source: Facebook)