Bernie Sanders “Scared To Death” Of Donald Trump, Says Trump Will WIN In November! OMG!

When the opposition is waving the white flag of surrender, you know that it’s your time to shine. Bernie Sanders was recently on a super liberal YouTube channel known as The Young Turks, where he outlined his big for the Presidency and came to complain about how he’s getting walloped by the alien in a skin suit, Hillary Clinton.

The host, Cenk Uygur, asks Sanders if it scares him that Hillary is losing in some polls to Donald Trump, and it seems as if he goes off his regularly scheduled talking points to be a real human being for a second.

He said “Am I worried? Why do you think I’m going crazy? Why do you think I’m running all over the state of California, doing three rallies a day?” Sanders replied. “Am I worried? I’m scared to death.”

Here’s the clip:

While Sanders does go on to call Donald Trump a liar and a phony, he does admit that Trump stands a very, very good chance of beating Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Hey, Sanders, maybe – just maybe – people have had enough with the government saying that it can fix every problem, and instead give them the tools to help themselves by getting out of the way? Maybe we don’t need to fund government programs that don’t work and give power to an old socialist who didn’t have a job until he was 40. How’s that for a revolution?