Bernie Sanders DESTROYED His Own RACIST Campaign In 20 Seconds FLAT! What A TRAIN WRECK!

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders just got into some real hot water after the latest democratic debate with Hillary Clinton. When the topic came to race relations, Bernie advocated for a more inclusive approach to dealing with race, if by inclusive you mean completely racist to the point where it’s actually not funny anymore.

When asked “What racial blind spots do you have?” by the moderator at the CNN debate, Sanders gave a response that was so outlandish that, had it have had the races reversed, would’ve been welcome at a KKK rally. Yes, it’s that bad.

Sanders said,

“when you’re white you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

Yes, that’s actually what a presidential candidate said – the person that built himself up to be the candidate for the people. If anyone accuses us of quote mining, here is the entire answer, in context. The meaning doesn’t change at all.

Apparently Bernie doesn’t know that there are poor white people in a majority white country.

Apparently Bernie doesn’t know that blacks kill other blacks at rates exponentially higher than cops do.

Apparently Bernie doesn’t know that cops kill more whites than they do blacks, despite blacks committing more violent crime per capita.

Or, he does know this and he’s lying through his teeth to satisfy his racist Black Lives Matter voter base, that likely won’t vote for him anyway because, after all, nothing a white male ever has to say is good enough.

I can’t wait until November, when we don’t have to deal with Democratic clowns anymore. Who’s with me?

(Source: YouTube)