Bernie Reveals Single-Payer Healthcare Plan, But That’s When Trump Drops The Hammer

Bernie Sanders is still bleating about single-payer healthcare. On Wednesday he introduced a Medicare-for-all bill into the Senate. Democrats are floundering and struggling to maintain their relevance but for some reason, the party elites have decided to rally around Sanders’ bad idea.

A single-payer system would be terrible. Luckily, President Trump has already squashed the Democrats’ hopes.

Hillary Clinton was last year’s biggest loser, but she wasn’t the only one. Sanders performed even worse among voters than she did. Most Americans can’t stand his brand of liberal socialism. Yet that’s not stopping Sanders from continuing to peddle the same tired old ideas.

“You, the Republican Party, have shown the American people what you stand for when you voted for legislation that would throw up to 32 million Americans off of the health insurance they have and, at the same time, give tax breaks to the rich and large corporations,” Sanders whined said when he introduced the Medicare bill.

“You, the Republican Party have no credibility on the issue of health care.”

Sanders is correct in his diagnosis, but his treatment is wrong. The Republican party, by refusing to work together, botched their first attempt at repealing Obamacare. The solution isn’t single-payer healthcare, however. As Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted Wednesday, what could be worse than having the government become more involved in our healthcare?

“We got poorly treated on the healthcare plan, and now you see what’s happening where people are going single-payer – exactly what I said would happen,” President Trump said Thursday.

(Source: Daily Mail)