Benghazi Widow Just Proved Hillary Wrong! She Won’t Come Back From This.

When you want proof of the Benghazi scandal, you don’t look to the Clintons, specifically Hillary. No, you look to those affected by this heinous act and subsequent cover up. In short, the family members of the victims that Hillary spoke to directly. Well, this might be the most definitive report on this we’ve ever seen and this could be enough for Hillary to legitimately step down from government.

Dr. Dorothy Woods was recently interviewed by CNN’s Erin Burnett and during the interview, Woods exploded on Hillary and anyone attempting to put this in the country’s rear view mirror. Watch below and cheer with me as Dr. Woods skewers every Clinton argument to date on Benghazi!


This is something we should never forget, but also never forgive when it comes to Hillary. There is undeniable evidence showing she had a hand in the murders of those 4 soldiers and had a chance to stop it, but did not.

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(Source: YouTube)