Ben Carson UNLOADS On “Khantroversy” And PROVES Trump Was RIGHT!

In a stunning interview from Ben Carson, he has gone on the offensive telling everyone that Khizr Khan, the liberal media puppet and gold star father of a fallen soldier in the Iraq war, should apologize to Donald Trump!

Carson was on CNN and, of course, was goaded on by liberal pundit Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer has come under fire for dancing and partying at Hillary’s DNC coronation recently, crossing the line of objective journalism and partisan hackery. Obviously¬†clearly his opinion will be a biased one and he grilled Carson on why Ben thinks the Khans should apologize to Trump.

His response will have you cheering.

Amen. Khzir Khan said something that’s 100% false about Trump. Khan was a paid, strategic tool used by the Dems to further perpetuate falsehoods. Something they’re experts at, and Carson called them on their bluff.

He also says in the video that it would be mutually beneficial for both sides to apologize, but we don’t see that solving anything. Trump shouldn’t apologize for something that he said. Everything he’s said to this point in the election has been true and from the heart, not to mention strategically on point.

Do you think Carson is right here? Should Khan apologize to Trump? We think yes, but what about you. Share this post and have your voice heard!

(Source: YouTube)