Ben Carson Exposed The Ugly Truth About Hillary’s Stupid DNC Speech

Ben Carson continues to impress in the wake of the RNC. His speech was one of the best for the home team Republicans. And now as the DNC rolls on an mercifully comes to a close, Ben Carson is speaking out about Hillary’s speech and everything leading up to it. What he says is ringing true throughout the political sphere.

Here are his reactions to the DNC leading up to the last day of the convention.

But in an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Carson wasn’t impressed at all.

“She gave a very good typical speech of a politician — heavy on promises, light on details,” the former GOP presidential contender tells Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

Carson also responded to President Obama’s speech at the DNC on Wednesday night, where he argued America is already great and it is on the right track.

Carson agreed that America is still the most powerful nation in the world, “but we’ve lost a lot of ground.”

“For President Obama to say that we are now looked upon with respect is truly a fantasy,” he stressed. “I think that he now has to try to change the narrative because almost 70 percent of the people feel we’re on the wrong track.”

Completely agree here. Typical democrats offering “change” with no real solition. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s exactly what we were promised in 2008 and have seen non of the past 8 years.

(Sources: YouTube and Breitbart)