BARACK IS BUSTED: Obama Just BROKE THE RECORD…For Letting Terrorists In The Country!

Here’s more proof that Obama just doesn’t care about the safety of Americans.

81 muslims tried or succeeded in committing acts of domestic terrorism within the U.S. And of course, Obama has done nothing to quell the influx of muslims into America.

In fact, he’s set to let 10,000 Syrian refugees, 90%+ of which are Muslims, into the country. And we have no way of properly vetting them.

The more we let in, the more potential for terrorism. There are statistical facts to back that up.

angry muslim

Muslim-American terror in 2015 reached its highest point since the September 11, 2001 attacks against America, the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security (TCTHS) said in a report released Tuesday, documenting that 81 Muslim-Americans were associated with terror plots in the past year.

The report also documented that 41 additional Muslim-Americans over the past three years have traveled to Syria in order to join Islamic militants.

Since 9/11, 344 Muslim Americans have been involved in “violent extremism,” the terror research document said. “Half of these individuals plotted against targets overseas; 10 percent involved unknown targets; and 40 percent plotted against targets in the United States,” the report adds.

Ah yes, letting more muslims into the country seems like a great idea right? Yea Obama! Let’s do that. End sarcasm.

Duke University professor David Schanzer, who directs the terrorism research institute, said the U.S. government “estimates that 250 Americans have traveled to fight in Syria.”

Another one of the professors involved in the study, however, appeared to dismiss the troubling results of his own study, instead highlighting mass shootings as a more serious problem.

“Fortunately, the appeal of revolutionary violence remains very limited among Muslim-Americans,” said Charles Kurzman, a UNC professor and author of the report. “Muslim-American extremists have caused 69 deaths over 14 years, while 134 people were killed in mass shootings in the United States in 2015 alone.”

Here’s the problem with that argument. Mass shootings can be much more easily controlled with 1) better mental health support throughout the country and 2) more access to guns for those who’ve passed background checks and mental stability checks. When someone is a terrorist, they will stop at nothing to try and blow themselves up and take out as many people as they can when they do. Nothing will ever change that mindset. And if a terrorist gets their hands on a larger weapon, it’s scary.

We need real change now to stop terrorists. They are the real threat to the American way of life, not these one off nut jobs.

(Source: Breitbart)