Autopsy Of Eric Bolling’s Son Reveals Real Cause Of Death

The tragic and heartbreaking death of former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s son has become a national story thanks to the cause and the timing. Not only did this young man’s death come out of nowhere, it came on what has to be the worst day of his father’s career.

Bolling had been fired from his Fox News post just hours before receiving the news of his son’s passing. He was accused of sending female employees harassing text messages. It’s been well over a month since that fateful day, and on Thursday, the coroner’s report was finally released, providing insight into the cause of death.

As reported at the Daily Mail, it appears that Eric Bolling Jr.’s death was caused by an accidental overdose of an array of illicit drugs.

A student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Bolling Jr had high levels of cocaine, as well as the presence of the deadly opioid fentanyl and prescription sedative Xanax, in his system.

“Adrienne and I thank you for your continued prayers and support,” Bolling Sr tweeted after the coroner’s report was made public.

“We must fight against this national epidemic, too many innocent victims,” the grieving father continued.

The release of the coroner’s report coincided with President Trump’s declaration of the opioid crisis as a national emergency, as the drugs claim the lives of 92 people a day on average.

Bolling Jr. was found unresponsive in his bed by a friend on September 8. His friends told investigators that he had “partied” the night before death, and was supposedly seen doing cocaine, weed, and Xanax.

According to his close friend Wayne Carter, 21, Bolling Jr had been out partying the night before and had been “doing things [drugs]” – even sending videos of that night’s festivities to friends via messaging app Snapchat.

Carter said that Bolling Jr. had always been fond of socializing, but that over the summer months, things escalated to serious drug use. He said that Bolling Jr. had even once shot heroin, but said that the night of his death, he was only using “just college drugs – cocaine, weed, alcohol, Xanax sometimes.”

But the coroner’s report appears to disprove Carter’s recollection of events, as significant levels of fentanyl and cyclopropyl fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that was linked to a string of fatal overdoses in Georgia this summer, were found in his system.

Regardless of what combination of drugs killed him, the fact remains that opioids and hard chemicals were involved. While the typical drugs are a huge issue, even more so is the abuse of opioids and other prescription drugs. Which is precisely why Trump has declared a state of emergency. But no policy or awareness movement can bring back Bolling’s son. The death of a child is a parents’ greatest fear, and unfortunately, Bolling has experienced it and more.

Source: Daily Mail