Austria Puts On Its Big Boy Pants And Tells Muslims To Take Off Their Burqas Or Else

What is the one thing that everybody knows about Austria? If you’re any kind of history buff or even just a fan of The Sound Of Music (I’m in that last category, just for the record) you know it got taken over by the Nazis.

By all accounts, Austria didn’t have a whole lot going on before the goose steppers showed up and decided to just take over and annex them for Hitler, and they didn’t put up as much of a fight as they might have later wished.

Thankfully, Austria has a lot better memory than many nations around the world today, and they’ve decided that once is enough to be taken over by a brutal, murderous regime who might want to just kill them for fun.

They’ve become concerned with the big influx of refugees, but instead of just rolling over and playing dead, they’ve taken some proactive steps to avoid another genocide on their watch.

Via Heat Street:

Austria has passed a controversial law that fines women who wear Islamic dress covering the whole face, and takes away welfare benefits from immigrants who fail to learn the language.

“Those who are not prepared to accept Enlightenment values will have to leave our country and society,” reads the text of the law, RT reported.

I guess if you get punched in the face by a dictatorship once, you really learn your lesson on all of that. The new crop of murders and would-be world dominators are approaching a little bit differently than the last. They don’t have one physical, flesh and blood leader calling the shots, they’ve got just a general blanket directive to go anywhere and cause mayhem.

This is both bad and good. Good because it’s somewhat less coordinated, and you’re not going to be taking on the whole force at once. Bad, because getting rid of the problem is going to be like getting rid of head lice; you’ve gotta get the ones you see and then wait a day or two to make sure you’ve got the ones you don’t see as well.

Austria might be on the right track though since they’re willing to do something about those who won’t integrate, and they’ve found some pretty ingenious ways to draw them out.

(Zerohedge) Earlier this year, the draft law drew thousands of protesters against the government and parliamentarians, but it was passed by a centrist coalition last month and now was signed by the president.

According to the law, women will face a fine of €150 ($168) if they wear Islamic dresses, either the niqab or the burqa, in public places. In addition to the fines, all new migrants coming to Austria to live will now be forced to take a 12-month “integration course” that includes German language lessons if they wish to receive any welfare benefits.

The new law also makes it illegal for newcomers to distribute incendiary materials, and migrants will be encouraged to volunteer before acquiring permanent work permits in order to prepare them for life in the workplace.

Austria’s attempt to integrate new immigrants has come in response to the migrant crisis rocking most European countries. At least 90,000 migrants, mostly from Muslim-majority countries outside Europe, have arrived to Austria since 2015.

Considering that the population of Austria is only about 8.6 million people, that’s a pretty big influx. And that’s not even taking into account the way that number has grown due to good old fashioned pro-creation.

Austria, like the UK and the US, is facing a crisis where those from outside are coming in and building an army within our borders, under our noses and they’ve even promised to vanquish us, even if they die in the process. The difference is that Austria is doing what it takes to remain a sovereign nation, and the rest of us are apparently just waiting to go boom.

(Source: Zerohedge