At First, It Looks Like An Anti-Trump Cartoon. Look A Little Closer And…HA HA!

This has got to be the most accurate depiction of the Liberal media I’ve ever seen.

Ever since he blasted on to the political scene, Donald Trump has been a lightning rod for controversy and for the Liberal media to take swipes at. Mainly because he’s winning, but also partially because unless you’re Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the Liberal media won’t say anything bad about you at all. They’d rather you keep living in the bubble where Obama and Clinton aren’t criminals of the highest degree.

And now we have a political cartoon that perfectly sums up this sentiment.

HAHA! This is so true. The Washington Post, along with the rest of the media, does exactly this. They put Trump under a microscope while Hillary gets away with murder and treason.

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(Source: Comically Incorrect)