As Trump Wins The Missouri Primary, One Former NY Mayor Delivers EPIC News! This Is IT!

Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the political sphere hasn’t been without hiccups. Trump’s loss in Wisconsin brought Ted Cruz closer to clinching the nomination, and other candidates rallying against him and trying to steal the election is happening daily.

However, Trump’s supporters are getting more numerous and more vocal, with high profile political figures coming out in favor of the real estate giant. None more notable than the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, whose campaign in Trump’s home state cut crime by installing more police and harsher punishments for criminals. Some consider Giuliani the turning point of New York, making it safer and better for everyone living there.

Here’s what he said about Trump’s upcoming run in the New York primary – it’s the best news Trump has heard in quite some time!

If these predictions come true, Trump will be in spitting distance of getting the nomination, and that will prompt Cruz and Kasich to concede defeat. I’m rooting for TRUMP!

(Source: Twitter)