Arrest Warrant Issued For Actress Who Exposed Harvey Weinstein

As the list of accusers against the degenerate scumbag Harvey Weinstein continues to grow, and interesting and unexpected development has occurred with one of former Hollywood mogul’s victims.

Rose McGowan was a popular actress several years ago, but hasn’t been getting much work as of late. That’s because she was effectively blacklisted for throwing out accusations left and right about the Hollywood elite and their misdeeds. In the case of Weinstein, she says she was raped by him in 1997, and since the start of this giant scandal, she’s been leading the rightful crusade against him and other predators. But her Twitter activism may be coming to an end, as on Monday, a warrant for her arrest was issued.

As reported at the Daily Mail,  after police allegedly found cocaine among her personal belongings, which she accidentally left behind on a United flight, a warrant was issued in Virginia.

Upon realizing she was in trouble, McGowan immediately took to Twitter to speculate that the ordeal was in retaliation for her accusations and Weinstein.

“Are they trying to silence me?” she asked on Monday. “There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES**T.,” she tweeted. While she didn’t mention what she was under fire for, it soon came out that police wanted her for “a few small bags of cocaine” they found in her luggage back in January. Why the crazy delay?

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department says that while they obtained a warrant to search the bags on February 1, the case was simply not a “high priority.” So they only just got around to it.

Of course, this is sure to spark a litany of conspiracy theories, which aren’t completely unfounded. It’s true that cases like this get pushed, but the timing makes it appear that this could be some form of retaliation.

One wonders if McGowan will claim that the drugs were planted to smear her, as it wold be a potential defense in light of what’s happening. Also, the possibility of a drug test is out the window, because even if she’s on drugs now, you can’t definitively say that she was at the time and that it means the cocaine was hers.

With this new twist on Weinstein saga, the days ahead will be especially interesting.

Source: Daily Mail