Anti-Gun Liberals Want Him Gone For Telling The Ugly Truth About The Black Community. I’m Speechless.

Gun ownership is something that liberals think only applies to hillbillies, but the truth is that with over 300 million guns on the country, the vast, vast majority of guns are in the hands of law-abiding citizens who are responsible owners.

In the black community, however, liberals are hard at work pushing an anti-gun agenda, all the while glorifying the gang-banging hyper-violent culture that breeds nothing but poverty and criminals. In a video addressing some of the major concerns of black gun owners, Colion Noir talks about how Obama and the rest of the left-wing politicians do not speak for him. This is AWESOME.

(Source: YouTube)

Thug culture needs to stop, and one of the best ways to stop crime is to have an armed citizenry. It’s our right as Americans!