Anonymous Just Issued A PROMISE To ISIS: “We Will Hunt You Down!” OH YEAH!

I’d never thought I’d say this, but I fully support the infamous hacking group “Anonymous” in this endeavor!

If you’re of who Anonymous is, they are a world-wide network of computer hackers that are responsible for several high-profile illegal hacking jobs that have lead to sensitive information being released. But sometimes in real life, just like in the movies, the bad guys turn into good guys. This is one of those instances as Anonymous has declared war on ISIS after last Friday’s Paris terror attacks!

Anonymous is famous for posting YouTube videos about their upcoming attacks and their accomplishments and this time they’ve put out a DIRE warning to all of the ISIS network. Watch below. The video is in French, but it is dubbed in English on the bottom.

BOOM! Go Anonymous! Help wipe ISIS off the map. Cripple their reach online and stop them recruiting any more people!

(Source: YouTube)