Ann Coulter Just Gave Trump The Best News He’s Heard All Month! WHOA!

We’re fans of Ann Coulter because she’s a household name on both the conservative and liberal side of the political spectrum.

She’s an amazing adversary to liberalism and tells it like it is every single time because she knows that the more people write about her, the more books she sells.

After the second Republican debate, Ann took to her website to write a column on the candidates and our favorite runner, Donald Trump.


Here’s an excerpt of her awesome article, which you should read in full by clicking here.

Most Republicans running for president have only one idea: Be like Reagan!

Unfortunately, they seem to remember nothing about Reagan apart from the media-created caricature of a slightly addled old man who somehow mesmerized an imbecilic public with his sunny optimism.

They all sound like Barney, the purple dinosaur, singing, “I love you, you love me!”

The other problem with the Be Reagan strategy is: It’s not 1980 anymore. Reagan’s election is as far away today as the defeat of Hitler was then.

Today, the fight in the Republican Party isn’t over abortion, guns or the Sandinistas; the dividing line is immigration. Will we¬†continue to be the United States, or will we become another failed Latin American state?

On this, it’s Donald Trump (and the people) vs. everyone else.

Trump announced his presidential campaign by talking about Mexican rapists. Immigration is the only policy paper he’s put out so far — and he’s been crushing the polls. He got his one sustained standing ovation from 20,000 cheering fans in Dallas Monday night when he talked about stopping illegal immigration.

Perhaps some minority of people will vote for Trump because of his personality. But I notice that it’s his position on immigration that gets thousands of people leaping to their feet.

The media will talk about anything but Trump’s specific, detailed policies on immigration — all while claiming he doesn’t have any “policy details.” The very fact that the entire media — including most of the conservative commentariat — obdurately refuse to acknowledge the popularity of Trump’s immigration plans is exactly why Trump is exploding in the polls.

Yes! yes! A thousand times yes! Share this with every American you know!

(Source: Ann Coulter)