Ann Coulter: “Every Presidential Candidate Should Drop Out…Except Trump!” WHOA!

Ann Coulter has been a conservative ally to the Trump campaign for a while, siding with Trump on every major issue since the start of his candidacy, but what she just wrote in a Town Hall column may have taken the cake for the most incendiary jab against the Republican party that she’s taken in quite some time.

While Republican publications aren’t reporting on this for obvious reasons, we at Yes I’m Right bring you the TRUTH, regardless of where it comes from.

Here it is, in all of its unfiltered glory:


At what point in Donald Trump’s inaugural address do you figure the GOP establishment will finally will grasp what’s been happening?

The establishment — not “elites,” because they’re mostly bland functionaries who went to third-rate schools — have thrown absolutely everything they have at Trump. I’ve never seen so many Republicans featured on MSNBC.

At least no one will be able to say the Republican National Committee didn’t give it the old college try (and, again, that would be third-rate colleges).

Trump is a runaway hit with Americans for the simple reason that he’s the only candidate saying anything Americans care about.
After the San Bernardino terrorist attack, committed by Muslim immigrants — which followed the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack committed by Muslim immigrants; the 9/11 terrorist attacks committed by Muslim immigrants; the Fort Hood terrorist attack committed by a Muslim immigrant; the Boston Marathon terrorist attack committed by Muslim immigrants, and on and on — Trump suggested a temporary pause on Muslim immigration.

The other candidates responded by attacking him viciously. Now, the eunuchs are duking it out over who has the most aggressive approach to … fighting ISIS!

Asked why he called Trump’s proposal “unhinged,” Jeb! explained: “Well, first of all, we need to destroy ISIS in the caliphate.”

Marco Rubio said: “The problem is we had an attack in San Bernardino,” adding that “what’s important to do is we must deal frontally with this threat of radical Islamists, especially from ISIS.”

Ted Cruz said: “We need a president who understands the first obligation of the commander in chief is to keep America safe. If I am elected president … we will utterly destroy ISIS.”

Why are Republicans talking about starting a war in Syria to stop Muslim immigrants from killing Americans in America? Is it our job to straighten out Syria? Can’t our government just stop bringing the terrorists here? If Rubio thinks he knows how to govern Syria, he’s free to run for president there. (Except he’d have to stop talking about his dad the bartender because Muslims don’t drink.)

Republicans love pointing out that all the gun restrictions proposed by Democrats after every mass shooting would have done absolutely nothing to stop that particular mass shooting.

But the GOP’s demand that we take out ISIS would also have done nothing to prevent the San Bernardino attack. As we know from Jim Comey, the director of the FBI: Syed Farouk and Tashfeen Malik were planning a terrorist attack against Americans before ISIS existed.

It’s as if there’s a law of toughness conservation: The weaker a candidate is on protecting our borders, the more aggressively he talks about bombing foreign countries, a move known as “the Lindsey Graham.”

The GOP’s conservation of toughness has led them to such virile positions on Syria that even our feckless commander in chief is able to checkmate them.

Obama has said: “Let’s assume that we were to send 50,000 troops into Syria. What happens when there’s a terrorist attack generated from Yemen? Do we then send more troops into there? Or Libya perhaps? Or if there’s a terrorist network that’s operating anywhere else in North Africa or in Southeast Asia?”
Good grief! This GOP machismo on ISIS has resulted in Obama actually making sense.

Here’s an idea: We let backward, poverty-stricken, misogynistic, clitorectomy-performing Third Worlders scratch out a living in their medieval hellholes, and just keep them out of our country. Also known as: the Trump Plan.

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Not only does Ann speak the truth in a way that will be sure to get her a few more book sales and ruffle a few more feathers, but she does so by understanding that the only way forward is not to kowtow to PC and populist ideas, the way forward is with Donald Trump.

(Source: Town Hall)