Ann Coulter Brilliantly SHUT DOWN Liberal Snowflake That Implied Trump Voters Are All Racist

We all know that two wrongs don’t make a right. That theory was put to the test over the weekend when the white supremacist put their brand of wrong on display for the world to see. They were met with the brand of wrong subscribed to by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who showed up en masse to try and negate all the racism.

The only problem with that is that everyone present seemed to be racist, just against different races. Much of the left seems to be in denial that anyone without pasty white skin can actually be racist, but the violence carried out by people of all ethnicities over the weekend would beg to differ.

The BBC interviewed right wing icon Ann Coulter on this subject and they didn’t care for what she had to say about it.

For those of us that weren’t there, we just have to accept the eye witness testimonials and the news media coverage, which is suspect, to begin with. However, all of that leads us to believe that while both sides were racist, this is just more of the same, only started by the neo-Nazi wannabes this time.

Coulter’s perspective is that the left has been pushing us around ever since it became clear that President Trump was going to win the election. They felt pain and rejection and decided to take it out on us. The white supremacist obviously felt the same.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that neither of these are acceptable reactions to diversity or hurt feelings.

The white supremacists were wrong.

The BLM and ANTFA demonstrators were wrong.

Everyone’s actions were truly deplorable and unacceptable.

Everyone has the right to demonstrate, no one has a right to violence over a verbal disagreement. The End.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)