Angela Merkel Admits She Was Wrong About Muslim Refugees, Starts Mass Deportation

Remember that time when Obama and Hillary said that we should all look to Germany and their open borders policy when it came to migrants? Remember when they said that this is exactly the same policy that the United States should have and that we should welcome all refugees with open arms? I remember. I also remember the complete and utter reversal Germany just had on that stance because refugees are turning their country into a hell hole. Looks like Hillary and Obama were just proved 100% wrong, AGAIN.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who has the same office in Germany as the President here, just completely reversed her original opinion and government stance on the refugee crisis. I’m so excited typing this to you all to say that Hillary and Obama have literally no idea what they’re talking about i can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard.

Seriously just read this. This proves Trump was right about migrants and everything Hillary and Obama stand for is 100% false.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a “national push” to deport as many rejected asylum seekers as possible from the country.

Germany struggled to get rid of asylum rejects during years when the migrant influx was much smaller. Close to a million arrivals in 2015 alone has created a huge backlog of deportations that authorities can’t execute.

“We need a national push to deport those who are rejected,” Merkel said at a news conference Saturday. “That’s indisputable and we’re working hard on that at the moment.”

The chancellor promised to increase the staff at immigration authorities to tackle the problem.

This is a huge problem for Germany and it’ll be a problem here if Hillary is elected.

A government report released in August showed 549,209 people in Germany remained in the country despite having their asylum claims denied. Authorities expect to deport less than 30,000 of them by the end of the year.

America might be called “the melting pot of the world” due to our country being founded by immigrants, but it was well over 300 years ago when the first settlers came to this land and made a new home. The liberals, Hillary, and Obama will use that same logic to say that we should open our arms to let all in that can be let in. The problem is, 300 years ago we did not have men, women, and children strapping bombs to their chests to kill innocent civilians in the name of Allah and try to crumble western society because their religion told them to.

America, if Hillary gets elected, this is what we can expect. Let’s take the CURRENT German example of them realizing their mistake and make sure no more ISIS loving terrorists or anyone that wants to topple our beliefs, nation, or way of life gets in here every again. Who’s with me?

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