Angela Merkel Admits Bringing In Muslim Refugees Was A Big Fat Mistake

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has been the biggest proponent of bringing in as many Syrian refugees as possible, adopting a literal open borders policy to bring in the migrants.

This quickly turned into a horror show, as crime was unleashed onto German cities, with thousands of sexual assaults and other violent crimes were reported over the last year.

The German people had apparently had enough of this rampant crime in Germany, because they just dealt a crushing blow to Merkel’s conservative Democrat party and voted them out by a large margin.

Merkel then took to the stage to backtrack as much as she could, citing that the migrant crisis could have been avoided, and that she regrets the mistake she made, also referring to multiculturalism as a “living lie.”

According to the Daily Mail,

Speaking to the party faithful at its annual conference, she repeated her catchphrase from throughout the migrant crisis, ‘we can do this’, but effectively admitted Germany could only cope if she wrestled back control of the influx.

‘A continuation of the current influx would in the long-term overwhelm the state and society, even in a country like Germany,’ she said.

The leader, once known as the ‘Iron Chancellor’, won rapturous applause after announcing the volte face. However, she resisted calls to set a limit on the number of arrivals.

‘We want to, and we will, noticeably reduce the number of refugees,’ she told the conference in Karlsruhe. ‘With an approach focused on the German, European and global level, we will succeed in regulating and limiting migration.’

Here she is, saying that multiculturalism is a “living lie.” Yes, of course, when you bring in thousands of people who have ideologies that are incompatible with Western values, it’s not great for a free society. But as long as these flip-flopping opportunistic politicians act as if they’re not a part of the problem, then we will never get anywhere.

Beware, America. Beware.

(Source: Daily Mail)