An Old Man Tries To Walk Down The Street, Black Lives Matter Get In Front Of Him And…OMG!

You cannot turn on your phone, computer, or pick up a news publication these days without seeing something about the Black Lives Matter movement in the front page. And it’s stories like these that show you exactly why that is.

BLM takes pride in protesting completely opposite of how the civil rights activists of the 1950s and 60s protested. BLM makes its name with shouts of anti-cop and anti-white rhetoric. They show violence to anyone who has a voice against them, take this prime example below: A white man wanted to simply walk down the street. BLM then blockaded him from doing so on a public street. The man asked politely to please go through, but he was met with screams of, “Go Around!” and, “White Privilege!”

Here’s the altercation.

I’m not a social studies professor, but walking down a street isn’t exactly “White privilege.” Pretty sure that’s a right every single person in the country has.

Essentially, what BLM is at its core is a domestic terror group who’s racist agenda will only be met when all white people are either removed from their presence or dead. They preach hate in the thin veil of unity. What they need is direction and all they care about is how society is against them.

Basically, they are all spoiled little millennials trying to get their way by shouting instead of actually doing something productive. Until BLM wakes up and gets rid of the protesters that only want to disrupt instead of work towards a better goal of actual unity, they will always be seen as a nuisance and a cancer on the core of what the civil rights movement was all about.

(Source: YouTube)