An ISIS Member Just Went On A Stabbing Spree And Obama Doesn’t Give A ****!

Hey,¬†Obama! They’re already here!

Massive and scary news today out of California where a stabbing occurred last week by an 18 year old on a college campus. Campus police ended up killing the would be terrorist. Why do I say terrorist?

Because it was discovered that he had an ISIS flag on him at the time of the stabbing as well as a hand written manifesto about beheading another student!

Fox News has the latest in this developing story:

The California college student who stabbed four people last week was carrying an image of the black flag of ISIS according to a report Tuesday, as well as a handwritten manifesto with instructions to behead a student and multiple reminders to pray to Allah, yet authorities continued to insist Faisal Mohammad’s motives had nothing to do with radical Islam.

Hey! Obama! Wake up! ISIS is already here! Blow them to kingdom come!

(Source: Fox News)