An Illegal Immigrant Opened Fire On His Boss, Mainstream Media COVERED IT UP! OMG!

As Obama tries to take our guns, lives were saved when this employee did some quick thinking. Oh – also because he was strapped.

This should be a reminder to all Liberals, Democrats, and anyone saying that taking away guns will make us safer. Studies has shown that isn’t the case, yet they continue to push the agenda.

Here’s an example of the exact opposite where allowing MORE guns saved lives…if only the media actually did its job, that is.

An illegal immigrant for a landscaping company came to work just this past Friday and shot his supervisor in the back. While his gun jammed before taking a second shot, another good-guy employee had his gun on him and stopped the shooter in his tracks!

Ezequiel Lopez, 24, showed up at B & L Landscape Company armed with a gun, walked up to his supervisor, 55-year-old Andrew Little, and shot him in the back. Witnesses said the two then became involved in a tussle and both fell to the ground. At that point, Lopez tried to shoot Little a second time, in the head, but his gun apparently jammed, and that’s when another employee intervened.

“I get out of the car and everybody’s screaming, active shooter, active shooter,” Joseph Curry, who was just arriving to work at the time of the shooting, told local media.

Curry said he saw Lopez, who picked up a bat after his gun malfunctioned, before he noticed Curry.

“He’s like, ‘no, you need to put the gun down.’ I was like, ‘that’s not gonna happen man. It’s not. You just killed someone. I can’t take my gun off of you. I can’t,’” Curry said.

He said he kept his gun trained on Lopez and by that time he could hear the sound of police sirens in the distance. At some point, however, Lopez fled and Curry did not take a shot at him.

This is what would happen if we allowed more good people to have guns! The shooter was stopped and other lives were saved thanks to someone on the scene who had a gun to stop this illegal immigrant madman.Sadly the supervisor did not make it, but this is a clear cut case where more people having guns is a good thing and would save lives!

However, that isn’t the end to the story. After publishing Lopez’s name, the mainstream liberal media redacted the story as one of “workplace violence” and didn’t include Lopez’s name or face, citing that “the company didn’t release who was the shooter and who was the victim” even though the police already had Lopez in custody with witnesses all around to see what happened. This is a media blackout, pure and simple.


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