America’s Dumbest Congresswoman Admits That Her “Trump Impeachment” Evidence Is A Made-Up Lie

Raise your hand if you’re thoroughly convinced by now that Maxine Waters is a few french fries short of a happy meal.

Her rise to notoriety was based solely on her desire to make a connection between the presidential campaign and Russia, and subsequently, impeach the sitting President of the United States. You’re probably thinking that she must have some really great evidence if she’s willing to take that on. Turns out that it’s more of a wishful thinking kind of situation.

So, to recap, Waters is 100% sure that she wants to impeach a President that was duly elected and apparently do the investigation later since there’s no real evidence. Yeah, that seems like due process to me.  Things like “no evidence” and “need to investigate” are the kinds of things that are supposed to keep people from getting into trouble in this country, but apparently not if you cross Auntie Maxine. It’s completely within her rights to go on the national news and say that circumstantial evidence might lead one to believe that there should be an investigation, but at this point, that’s all we’ve got.

It’s getting pretty obvious that somebody needs to have their meds adjusted before voting on our nation’s laws anymore. If even the anchors at MSNBC are willing and able to poke holes in her argument, you know it’s gotta be pretty flimsy.

Here’s hoping that people finally see this woman for what she is; a diluted, disappointed politician that’s willing to break the law to get her way.

(H/T: Daily Caller)