America’s Biggest Security Threat Is Obama. I Can’t Wait Until He’s Out For Good!

Rush Limbaugh sometimes is a very wise man.

No instance more telling is this one.

Recently, Rush went on his own show to talk about Obama and what a massive failure he and his whole administration have been.

Watch below and cheer along with me as he totally dismantles Obama and says that he is the #1 security problem for this country.

Boom! I love this quote.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly comfort me that the president of the United States is who he is, doing what he’s doing. I just think it’s rich claiming that Hillary hasn’t posed any national security problems when he is it, the number one risk, if you ask me.

Couldn’t agree more. With Obama letting more and more illegal immigrants in the country, he is absolutely the worst thing that’s happened to this country. What about you? Do you agree? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: The Daily Caller)