Americans Stand United Against George Clooney’s Latest Movie – ‘Worst Nationwide Launch…’

Does anybody still like George Clooney? The 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump were turned off his by his incessant campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s supporters are disgusted by his relationship with sexual deviant Harvey Weinstein.

Matt Damon suffers from the same problems. So it’s no surprise that a movie pitting the two of them together would flop. “Suburbicon” is social justice warrior tripe written and directed by Georgy Clooney and starring Matt Damon.

“Among the other new films, Suburbicon grossed a dismal $1 million on Friday from 2,045 theaters after getting slapped with a D- CinemaScore for a projected $3 million weekend, the worst nationwide launch of Clooney’s directing career and the worst showing in decades for Matt Damon,” the Hollywood Reporter writes.

There’s a lot going on here. In Damon’s defense, critics are describing the movie’s plot as abysmal. Suburbicon probably wouldn’t have resonated with audiences no matter who was at the helm.

However, it’s clear that America’s dissatisfaction with the pair has something to do with viewers’ refusal to see the movie. People used to be willing to fork over the $10 just so they could swoon over Damon on the big screen.

According to the Reporter:

“Clooney’s movie… tells the story of a seemingly perfect white family whose suburban home is invaded in the summer of 1959. Meanwhile, their new African-American neighbors don’t find life quite so nice in their neighborhood.”

Damon and Clooney are probably really embarrassed. Clooney should take this flop as a sign that he should stop trying to be a director.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)