American Sniper Widow RIPS Obama’s Gun Control Speech Apart TO HIS FACE!

Taya Kyle is the widow of former U.S. Sniper and American hero, Chris Kyle. The movie “American Sniper” was modeled after his life.

Last night Taya was at the town hall, which was by invitation only, to hear Obama speak about guns, gun laws, and gun control and how it affects Americans. Well Miss Kyle is one of the best people to know about gun laws and gun control as that is exactly how her husband was murdered; by a deranged person with a gun. However, you’d think Taya would be on Obama’s side, thinking that more gun control works. Not so fast! In fact she said that his laws don’t work at all. To his face! It was an epic and tense exchange. Here’s the full segment.

We agree, Taya. Gun control and gun laws do not work. They make us less safe!

(Source: YouTube)