Alyssa Milano Asks If America Wants To Impeach Trump, Is KNOCKED OUT By The Response

Apparently, when the rich and famous have nothing else to talk about, they just take shots at the President. It’s no doubt that these types of publicity stunts get lots of attention, we’re just not sure how accurate any of it is.

A new favorite thing to do is to poll people. The thing about polls is that for it to be at all factual, you’ve got to get a legitimate cross section of the group you’re trying to poll. In the case of never-Trumper actress Alyssa Milano, she wants to know how many Americans want President Trump removed. However, she’s conveniently only asking her own liberally slanted fans.

Via The Blaze:

It must be noted that Twitter polls are not scientifically rigorous in any way, but it’s unusual for those polls to have the wide pool of respondents as this one did.

Milano’s 3.18 million followers helped garner the unusually high number of responses after the tweet was reposted more than 20,000 times.

But the final tally was a tie.

According to Milano’s tweet, 50 percent of respondents said they would like to see him resign, and 50 percent said they would not like to see him resign.

Milano has been a vocal critic of the president, so she might have been disappointed in the results. Before the poll closed, she retweeted this call from fellow actor George Takei to “pile on” in order to counteract the Trump supporters they say were skewing the results.

It looks like even when you pull in the double star power, you still sometimes can’t get a majority on my side.

So to re-cap; one of the most liberal actresses in Hollywood and possibly the loudest voice in the LGBTQ community both rallied their supporters to vote against President Trump in their poll, and they still couldn’t get more than half the votes to go against him.

Just imagine if an actual unbiased group was asked to take this same poll, or (horror of horrors) if a conservative like Tim Allen or James Woods had polled their audience. Though, I’m sure if they did it would be labeled racist, or sexist or they’d be Islamophobes or something.

Being in opposition to some of the decisions that the President has made is perfectly natural, however, impeachment is something that would put the nation in a very precarious place. Hopefully, those who support such drastic action are completely convinced that it would better the nation in more ways than it would harm it.

It seems more likely, based on their actions that they’re offended by something that the President personally said or did, and they’re using a policy as an excuse to push for his impeachment. If that’s the case though, it would be extremely detrimental and juvenile.

(Source: The Blaze)