Alert: Trump Blindsided With Shock Lawsuit

Illegals are throwing a fit. Nobody can figure what Trump is going to do about DACA and a lot of people are on edge. Multiple lawsuits are surging forth against the president. An embittered group of Dreamers and a liberal bunch of Attorneys General have each filed their own suit.

According to the New York Post: “San Diego attorney Dulce Garcia has regularly defended clients in immigration court. Now, she is the one seeking legal relief. Brought to the United States illegally by her parents as a child, Garcia is one of six immigrants who sued the Trump administration Monday over its decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.”

Both lawsuits were filed in San Francisco.

Experts are currently playing “will he? Or won’t he?” regarding Trump’s DACA decision. The president announced its repeal only to seemingly contradict himself days later by reportedly working with Democrats to graft permanent protections for the Dreamers.

“The Trump administration has said it is ending DACA because Obama overstepped his constitutional authority when he bypassed Congress and created the DACA program unilaterally. President Trump called on Congress to enact a law to protect DACA recipients and last week angered some of his fellow Republicans…”

If Trump decides to preserve DACA protections his base will be severely disappointed. Re-election will be a lot harder if conservatives feel like the president doesn’t have their back. Illegal immigration is a critical issue for millions of Americans.

(Source: New York Post)