Alert: Trump Administration Launches Sudden Investigation

While conservatives have been aware of the fact that liberals are rampant hypocrites for decades, there’s an unfolding scandal in Hollywood providing the country with a perfect example of the Left’s double standards.

Sleaze ball Hollywood studio head Harvey Weinstein has come under fire for his alleged sexual improprieties and ghoulish behavior over the years, which includes him preying upon actresses and using his power to keep them silent. But the dam has officially burst on his horrid behavior, as women are coming out of the woodwork to tell of their harrowing experiences with him. The scandal has gotten so big that the Trump administration has officially opened an investigation into Weinstein.

As reported at the Daily News, the FBI is now investigating Harvey Weinstein at the behest of the Justice Department, which called for the inquiry in light of the mass of allegations. While it’s unknown if the order came directly from AG Jeff Sessions, it’s still probably a political one, as Weinstein is one of the top dogs the Democratic Party answers to, thanks to his power and wealth.

You’ll notice a stunning silence coming from Democrats, the party that’s supposedly all about protecting women from men like Weinstein. But as usual, when it comes to one of their on, they pretend they were none the wiser and try their best to sweep it under the rug.

But this scandal has already gotten too big to hide, so it’ll be interesting to see how leftists react to Trump’s decision to get the FBI involved. Based upon their rhetoric and claims, they should support the inquiry, but since it’s Trump calling for it, and because it’s against a long-time, powerful ally, it will be complicated for them.

Making things worse for leftists is the fact they it was an open secret that Weinstein was a sexual predator. Everyone knew, yet they stayed silent out of fear and convenience. He bank-rolled a ton of Democratic campaigns and shoved left-wing propaganda into his films, so they were willing to look the other way.

But now leftists in Hollywood, the media, and Democratic Party have been exposed for the disgusting hypocrites they are. They wrung their little hands over Trump’s “locker room talk” about women, but let a known predator stay on the loose. Even funnier is that Ben Affleck has been caught up in this. The guy whined all over the place about Trump’s rhetoric concerning women, but he’s just been accused of groping a young woman on camera, and other accusations are starting to roll in as well.

Talk about do as I say, not as I do. Hypocrisy is a foundational pillar upon which left-wing ideology is built. Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hollywood elite preying upon women and young actors. All of this is an open secret, but they’ve been able to keep a lid on it for decades through fear and intimidation.

But it looks like there’s blood in the water, as Weinstein is becoming Hollywood’s martyr. Make no mistake, this isn’t an isolated incident, but they’ll do their best to make it seem like “something” has been done by offering up Harvey’s head, and then return to business as usual.

Source: Daily News