ALERT: Putin Launches Missiles

Russian and U.S. forces are still battering ISIS. It’s only a matter of time until the terrorist group is completely demolished.

Earlier today Russia pounded besieged city Deir Ezzor with seven missiles. The Minister of Defense admitted that the weapons were fired from two fearsome submarines. The missiles slammed into ISIS territory and demolished major control centers and arms depots.

Watch below:


The Daily Mail writes: “The Velikiy Novgorod and Kolpino are two of Russia’s latest… stealth submarines, and joined the Russian Black Sea fleet late last year. The subs are powered by a mixture of diesel and electric engines, have a crew of 52 people each, and can patrol for up to 45 days without making port. Advanced stealth technology is coupled with 18 torpedoes and eight cruise missiles…”

North Korea’s constant blustering has caused the world to take its eye off of the war in Syria. Brutal realities still lie in wait for most Syrians, but Western soldiers fighting in the Middle East are relatively safe. ISIS is almost powerless. Their battles are fueled by the strength of rapidly dwindling supporters.

When Deir Ezzor falls, ISIS leaders will be left without a major stronghold in Syria. Russian troops have been fighting in the region for months. American-backed soldiers are in the area as well, attacking the city from the north while forces allied with Bashir al-Assad swoop in from the south.

It’s incredible that ISIS has managed to survive this long. The most powerful militaries in the world are united against the terrorists.

(Source: Daily Mail)