Alert: California Just Declared Official State Of Emergency

Things aren’t looking to good in California at the moment. Despite the fact that it’s a left-wing hellhole, the state is currently suffering from several crises. Wildfires are currently blazing their way through the northern part of the state, and have taken the lives of at least 40, destroyed countless homes, and left dozens of people missing.

On top of the raging inferno, there’s also a massive outbreak of deadly Hepatitis A, which has killed at least 18 people thus far in the state. On top of that, at least 500 have been hospitalized due to the ailment.

As reported at Breitbart, in response to this unfolding health crisis, California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency, which will allow for state health officials to purchase additional doses of hepatitis A vaccines in an attempt to halt its spread.

Right now the outbreak is the second largest the nation’s suffered in the last two decades, and it’s only occurring in California.

It began late last year in the San Diego homeless community, and has since spread far outside the region. All the way to Los Angeles and Santa Cruz counties, which are now seeing various cases of infection.

Hepatitis A is a very dangerous, and sometimes fatal, liver disease, especially for those who’ve ever had disease affect their liver. Federal health officials are already fearing that this outbreak could last years, despite the great efforts to slow it via increased vaccines and awareness.

That’s because even with the vaccines, increased number of portable hand-washing stations, awareness, and sanitization of city streets, the spread is hardly being slowed.

While Hepatitis A is usually transmitted by eating contaminated food, California’s outbreak is spreading from person to person, mostly among the homeless community and drug users. Which is why the measures being taken have had little effect.

Hopefully, folks will wise-up and be more careful when it comes to sanitation. So this disease’s spread can be prevented from spreading outside the state or taking any more lives.

Source: Breitbart