ALERT: Afghanistan Nationals Go Missing At U.S. Air Force Base In Georgia. Military CAN’T FIND THEM!

I can hear the liberals now: “Oh refugees and immigrants aren’t all radicalized and the vetting process is the most scrutinized in the world.” Well when people just want to get up and leave, they do and apparently the U.S. government can’t stop nor keep track of them.

This is just in to our news desk and it’s pretty ridiculous. Apparently two Afghani nationals that are being trained for combat have gone missing from a Moody Air Force base in Georgia. While everyone and their grandmother says that there is zero evidence that these two missing have any ties to any terrorist organizations, it’s highly concerning that our own Air Force cannot keep track of two individuals who hail from a country that not only harbors known terrorists, but celebrate them.

The two students failed to report for scheduled duty on Monday, an Air Force spokesperson said in a statement reported by Reuters.

Officials say the two men were vetted and screened before they were allowed into America, more than a year ago. They’ve been undergoing training at the base since February.

Authorities also say they don’t believe the men pose a threat, but cannot say why they’ve disappeared.

Given recent events, pardon me while I’m a bit skeptical as to what their disappearance means. As soon as we get more information on this story, we’ll be sure to update you.

(Source: WND)