Al Sharpton Tried To IGNORE The Milwaukee Riots, Got Instantly SMACKED By AMERICA!

Al freaking Sharpton.

What comes to mind when we say that name? It could be that you see a visionary in civil rights and a champion for equality through all of humanity. However, if you do think that, you’re clearly uneducated on the man’s past.

For example, here’s a clip of him yelling to murder white cops, and it doesn’t stop there.¬†If you look at his past speeches and ideology, you’ll see that Sharpton cares only about himself while trying to escalate every situation imaginable for personal gain and to continue to divide the country on race. If he didn’t, he’d be out of work.

Here’s a clip of him talking about holding cops accountable to whatever perverted standard¬†of justice he thinks is right:

This past weekend there was mass violence after another police shooting and subsequent rioting. Even though the cop was black, Black Lives Matter supporters took to the streets to loot, pillage, and plunder local businesses likely owned by black Americans. Sharpton tweeted for people to stay calm.

But the timing of his tweet says a lot about him.

Timing of the tweet shows that Sharpton knew about the violence, but tried in a half-assed attempt to preach “calm” until we knew more.

Here’s the thing Al, what you and your BLM brethren have already set in motion, cannot be stopped by arbitrary tweets. Only serious actions will be able to quell this story of racism. You preach that white people are the problem and that society has dealt you a bad hand. Well here’s the real truth about the situation. By being born into American society, we ALL have won the genetic lottery. We could be born into slavery in a Middle Eastern sex camp for ISIS. We could have been born into mass poverty and hunger and died in a ditch with no food in Somalia. But we haven’t. We got to start our lives in a country that gives us the most freedom as humans and this is what you and the BLM movement are doing with it. You’re inciting violence, phoning in that you care (as evidenced by the tweet), and using it all for personal gain as topics of conversation to continue your hate speech.

Sharpton will continue to do this to make sure his and BLM’s agenda is set in stone for years to come. What we need is to get the word out showing America that this is not the country we know. Contrary to what they all say we are not all racists, police are not out to kill black Americans at every turn, and this country is not coming together.

We can thank the liberals for that.

(Source: Twitter)

h/t to Allen B. West