Al Gore’s Advice To President Trump Is The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just like everyone is entitled to ignore that opinion. This is a problem that Al Gore has been running into since somewhere around the time he started talking about “inconvenient truths”. Most of us find it inconvenient every time we have to listen to the former Vice President, but for some reason, people keep interviewing him.

This former political candidate thinks he knows exactly what the President should be doing with his time, and it’s not sitting in the oval office. Gore has some advice for the President, and it’s about as thoughtful as all the rest of his “truths”.

Via Red State:

In an interview with the UK’s LAD Bible, former vice president and perennial climate change alarmist, Al Gore, had a one-word answer when asked if there was any advice he’d give to President Trump: Resign.

Gore went on to pontificate about global warming, kids these days, being vegan of all things, and gauchely opined on the UK government.

Thanks, Al. I’m sure the president will get right on that.

I guess maybe Gore thinks that if the country has been beaten down by the resignation of the POTUS it might be more receptive to him this time around. This isn’t exactly a fool proof plan, but I guess it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to re-vamp your public appearance.

it’s also worth a shot if you’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars peddling climate change hysteria, to fund your beachfront mansions.

The problem with the President taking advice from the likes of Al Gore is that President Trump did something Al couldn’t do; he won. Whether you think he’s good bad or ugly, he won over enough people to seal the election, and all the losers can feel triumph at his every hiccup if they want, but they’re Americans too and wishing for his failure is ultimately wishing for the failure of the country.

(Source: Red State)