After Seeing This Video, You May Never Shop At Walmart Again. PROOF They Bow To Muslims! INSANE!

File this under: most disturbing news of the day.

I shop at Walmart all the time, but I’m fairly certain those days are over after seeing this video. Chuck Netzhammer recently tried to commission his local Walmart to bake him a cake, but he wanted it to have the now very controversial Confederate flag on top saying, “Heritage Not Hate.” That was a very true, simple, and unobtrusive message and ask in every way imaginable. However, Walmart rejected his cake request. Instead, Netzhammer decided to see just how strong Walmart’s morals are, he then asked them to make an cake with an ISIS battle flag on it to prove a point. Low and behold, Walmart had no problem producing an ISIS cake. He even shows proof of the order! Check it out below and try not to become enraged. This is making my blood boil!

So Walmart would make a cake with a terrorist organization’s flag on it, an organization that beheads Christians and Jews just for not believing in Allah an following Sharia law, but they won’t produce a cake with a flag that’s part of American history? Yup. That confirms it. I’m officially boycotting Walmart forever. Who’s with me!?

(Source: YouTube)