After Hillary Blasted Trump, She Got SERVED By This Former Secret Service Agent!

Hillary Clinton loves to call Donald Trump “dangerously incoherent” and “temperamentally unfit” to be president. Pot, meet kettle.

Hillary continues to blast Trump for his opinions and his general outlook on life, politics, culture, the presidency, and a litany of other things. It couldn’t be more hilarious, to be honest with you. Why? Because former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne is exposing Hillary for the fraud, phony, and angry person she truly is. His new book, called Crisis of Character, which we have talked about before, is exposing Hillary’s shortcomings and how what she says about Donald Trump is completely and utterly bogus.

Here’s his full interview.

Here are some excerpts if that video did not load for those with slower internet connections.

Byne said there were stories about the Clintons’ volatile relationship before they arrived:

Volcanic, dangerous. And actually I talked to this [Arkansas] sheriff one time and I was joking with him. I said, there’s no way this guy could ever get elected. And he looked at me like he was looking right through me. And he said, ‘let me tell you something, Gary. Believe everything you hear. They will get elected. They’ll stay there for eight years.’ He said, it is unbelievable. He said they can ‘spin manure into gold.’ That’s the term he used.

On the “Broken Vase” incident – an alleged fight between the President and First Lady in the White House:

So I came to work one morning as a Secret Service Uniform Division officer. Before I went to my post I went over to see a buddy on the ground floor of the White House. He said Mr. And Mrs. Clinton had a huge fight upstairs.

Later on the next time I saw the president over at the Oval Office, he had a mark under his eye. It was a black eye. You could see they were trying to conceal it with makeup. I said to his assistant, ‘What’s that mark on the president’s eye?’ And they said, ‘Oh, he’s allergic to coffee.’

On the Clintons’ feelings toward uniformed officers:

My experience with them is they don’t like the military and they don’t like law enforcement. And my personal feeling based on what I saw is that she does not like men.

Seems to me like Hillary Clinton is the one unfit to be president, eh?

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