After He Went Missing 7 Years Ago, His Family Gave Up Hope Until They Saw THIS!

Technology is a wonderful thing, people. Here’s some proof as to why.

As we gear up for the holiday season, people are decorating and making our surrounding areas look festive and bright. And in Byron Center, Michigan, even the local funeral homes get in on the seasonal festivities. So this year, one of the employees of Cook Funeral Home got a lift and started to decorate their tree to show they love the season just as much as anyone else. Little did they know that they were in for the shock of their lives. As the employee was decorating the top of the tree, he looked over towards the pond to see nothing other than the top of a car! The employee rushed to call the cops and the rest is history.

The news report confirmed that you could see the top of the car from Google Earth! Amazing. Glad this family can finally lay their loved one to rest. God bless them!

(Source: YouTube)