Adam Carolla Hilariously Explains How “White Privilege” Is Nothing But A Liberal Lie

Somebody once told me that when you’re dead you don’t know you’re dead, it’s only painful for those around you; and it’s the same when you’re stupid. I have no idea who originally said that, but they must have been pretty dang smart because that saying applies to a surprising amount of situations.

Liberals would like to tell you that it’s the same with “white privilege” and that you can only see it from the outside. I have a little problem with that because it necessitates that someone can be accused of receiving something that is not due them, and they’re automatically and henceforth removed from the ability to defend themselves . . . because of white privilege. It’s a critically flawed way of pointing finger and laying blame that leaves no room for justice or even argument.

American comedian, author and all around free thinker Adam Carolla was asked about his “white privilege” and he spilled the beans about what it’s like to be a middle-aged white guy in America today:

In an article written in January of 2016 the Washington Post gave what they believed to be both the definition, and some examples of what “white privilege” looks like:

Taking it for granted that when you’re shopping alone, you probably won’t be followed or harassed.

Knowing that if you ask to speak to “the person in charge,” you’ll almost certainly be facing someone of your own race.

Being able to think about different social, political or professional options without asking whether someone of your race would be accepted or allowed to do what you want to do.

Assuming that if you buy a house in a nice neighborhood, your neighbors will be pleasant or neutral toward you.

Feeling welcomed and “normal” in the usual walks of public life, institutional and social.

What is white privilege? It’s the level of societal advantage that comes with being seen as the norm in America, automatically conferred irrespective of wealth, gender or other factors. It makes life smoother, but it’s something you would barely notice unless it were suddenly taken away — or unless it had never applied to you in the first place.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me like “white privilege” is mostly defined by how someone else feels about you (as the white person) and about themselves when they’re around white people. Basically, people are using this term like it’s some kind of dirty label, and I have yet to see how any person who’s being spoken against has anything to do with it.

It’s looking like some people needed another term for jealousy, so they made it sound like the people they feel jealous of did something bad. I hate to break it to you guys, but for one thing, I can’t control being white any more than you can control how you were born, and for the other thing I don’t feel normal at all.

We’ve all got things that make us feel uncomfortable or different, and the important thing is that we don’t blame other people for the things that make me different, we just figure out how to roll with it. Otherwise, there won’t ever be enough white people in the world to make you feel justified for your own self-doubt.

(Source: Washington Post)