Adam Carolla Explains Why Hillary’s “Resistance” Will Kill America If We Don’t Stop Her

In case you’ve been wondering, what our pal Hillary plans to do with her time, the almost 70-year-old is apparently the new face of “the resistance.” If you think I might be putting words in her mouth, you can hear her actually say it here.

Apparently, she just can’t get over her loss to President Trump and she plans to dig her old lady loafers in and resist him every step of the way.

If you want to hear a little about what that might look like, Adam Carolla expounds for us.

She’s really is just riling people up at this point. She’s putting ideas in people’s heads about how they’re abused and encouraging them to defend themselves, but from what exactly, we don’t know. We’ve yet to see actual proof of the racism or sexism. I guess we’re just supposed to take her word for it (because that’s been so trustworthy in the past).

Nobody is trying to say that resistance itself is wrong. Thankfully here in America, we still have the right to protest and resist, however, if that right is continually abused, as with any right, we risk it being revoked. If there’s no way for police to get rioters in hand without it looking like they are part of the problem, other measures will have to be taken. Not to sound too much like a conspiracy theorist, but raise your hand if you think it’s possible that the elitist are prodding the weak minded in order to get some of our rights taken away.

She seems to be just using them to make them feel like they’re targeted when they’re not, and then using their rioting to point and say “see, they’re unhappy.” It’s a brilliant move, and a vicious cycle that we’re not likely to soon escape from if America doesn’t see the light soon. Obviously, those of us that are qualified to vote don’t want her in office, so she’s going around us to try and cause an uprising that she can blame on the President that we did want in office. It’s a good plan, and unfortunately, one that just might work.

(Source: Youtube)