Actress Claims George HW Bush Sexually Assaulted Her From His Wheelchair

Ever since the lid was blown off of Harvey Weinstein’s dark and lascivious treatment of women, there’s been a flurry of sexual misconduct claims against a litany of other famous folks. Now, with so many pouring in, ranging from the most laughable non-events imaginable to the more serious, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s just a disgusting attempt to gin up some much-needed publicity.

In the case of the latest person to jump on the #MeToo band-wagon, there’s a very good chance it’s a desperate effort to maintain a tiny shred of relevancy.

As reported at the Daily Mail, a no-name, Z-list actress has come out and accused former president George H.W. Bush of ‘sexual assaulting” her from his wheelchair. The Parkinson Disease addled former president can no longer walk on his own and has been relegated to a wheelchair for some time, but according to his accuser, he was more than able to “touch her from behind.”

Heather Lind, who starred the AMC’s series that nobody watched: ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ made the head-scratching allegations on Instagram, when she recounted her harrowing experience in a lengthy post, which was her way of joining in on the #MeToo phenomenon.

When I got the chance to meet George H. W. Bush four years ago to promote a historical television show I was working on, he sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo. He didn’t shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke,” Lind alleges.

Her allegations continued “And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again. Barbara rolled her eyes as if to say ”not again”. His security guard told me I shouldn’t have stood next to him for the photo,” Lind alleges.

We were instructed to call him Mr. President. It seems to me a President’s power is in his or her capacity to enact positive change, actually help people, and serve as a symbol of our democracy,” her crocodile tear post continued.

“He relinquished that power when he used it against me and, judging from the comments of those around him, countless other women before me,” she wrote to Instagram.

But Lind wasn’t done, she made sure to let everyone know that she’s overcome her distressing episode, as she will no longer remain silent and will be a voice for positive change for now on.

She said: “What comforts me is that I too can use my power, which isn’t so different from a President really. I can enact positive change. I can actually help people. I can be a symbol of my democracy. I can refuse to call him President, and call out other abuses of power when I see them.”

My fellow cast-mates and producers helped me that day and continue to support me. I am grateful for the bravery of other women who have spoken up and written about their experiences… #metoo”

What bravery it must have taken for her to come out and accuse that senile old man of sexual assault stemming from “touching her from behind,” whatever that means. I bet her ears are still burning from the dirty joke he supposedly mumbled to her. I don’t know how she’ll ever recover.


Source: Daily Mail