A Stupid Entitled Teenager Thought He Could Threaten Cops. GUESS AGAIN!

Liberals will say gun control will keep all these mass shooting from happening. How about good old fashioned police work? That seems to be what worked out best this time.

In Florida, 15 year old student Devon Foster tweeted “One million retweets and I’ll blow up the school.” Given the mass shootings that have happened under the Obama administration’s watch, police were hugely concerned about this being a credible threat. So they looked into the matter, the was the system had intended. No gun laws were passed so this couldn’t have worked right? Guess what liberals, you’re wrong!

While investigators said Foster deleted the tweet after a minute, he followed it up with a photo of the inside of a mouth, declaring ‘strep throat + three day weekend = suicidal thoughts or actions.’

So the authorities paid Foster a little visit in class. While he didn’t cop to any violent plans, Foster was expelled over the threats’ serious nature, the station said.

It got worse for the Edgewater teen, who was arrested Monday after admitting he was plotting a bombing and a mass shooting at the school, according to Andrew Gant, spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

He’s charged with four counts of making threats to discharge a destructive device and one count of making written threats to kill or do harm.

And all this without passing one gun law! Wow. You know what that means? We don’t need more gun laws. We just need liberals to man up and take credible threats seriously.

Good for this police force for recognizing a problems and snuffing it out before it got out of hand! We salute you.

(Source: The Blaze)