A Student Just Exposed “Clinton University” As A SCAM And Hillary Wants This Story GONE!

At least the accusations against Trump U are about students being pressured to take harder classes to further enhance their education and try harder in life. Honestly, the cases against Trump U sound a bit like whiny little crybabies not being handed degrees and everything else in life on a silver platter. In other words, whiny millennial leftists.

This story on the other hand is much, MUCH worse. And guess what!? It doesn’t involve Trump U at all. Actually, it involves a little known organization called Clinton U. Why yes, that’s right, good ‘ole Hillary and Bill did something similar to what Trump did, but in a different way.

Clinton U is actually called Laureate Education and is associated with Walden University Online. This is a Clinton backed, for profit college.

And now accusations are FLYING that the online portion of this supposedly air tight, Clinton funded school is a complete and utter scam to get tens of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of the students.

“When I signed up for Walden Education in January 2009, I was told I would get my Doctor of Education degree by December 2011, after two years study for a cost of $40,000,” explained Teresa Ferguson, a mother of three teenagers who resides outside Atlanta.

“That was OK with me. I could accept two years and $40,000, but that isn’t the way it happened,” she explained. “With Walden, I was hit with delays and program change after program change, so it took me two extra years and I ended up with $120,000 in tuition debt. I’m a schoolteacher. How am I ever going to pay off a debt like that?”
An excellent question. But wait, she finished her degree on time right? Surely she got a degree and didn’t need further schooling right? Wrong.
At Walden, once she had completed her required courses, Ferguson faced a series of changes in her dissertation advisers and in the chair of the education department she alleges were intentionally designed to extend the enrollment time needed to get her doctorate. The delay forced her to pay additional tuition far above her initial expectations.
Now she’s speaking out and letting people know this is a complete sham.

“Laureate Education is a scam,” Ferguson, a teacher of English as a second language at a county high school, told WND in an email and telephone interview.

“Bill Clinton makes $16 million being ‘honorary chairman’ at Laureate while meanwhile Walden Online University ruined my life,” she said. “I have three teenage children, and now I have no clue how we’ll pay for their college with my student debt so high.”
WND reported last week Laureate Education paid $16 million to Bill Clinton to be the group’s pitchman while the State Department funneled $55 million to Laureate when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
Sounds to me like yet another Clinton promise that has gone completely by the wayside in the name of greed and social standing. And these are the people that the left wants to run our country. I think the insanity has been officially confirmed.
(Source: WND)