A Muslim MURDERED An Innocent Man Protecting A Christian. What Muslims Did Next…OMG!

Islam has strict rules for all Muslims. This apparently includes murdering others in the name of Mohammed and being showered with praise for it.

This is exactly what happened when a Christian woman was arrested for a “heinous crime.” Her crime was drinking from the same cup as a Muslim. Her punishment? To be hung until dead. As of right now, she is still in prison, but what happened to her lawyer is even more inhumane than this.

The governor of the largest province in Pakistan took on her case publicly. What happened next is a story told all too often.

Asia Bibi is a defenseless Pakistani Christian woman who was maliciously accused of “blasphemy” by her Muslim neighbors.

Five years ago, Asia must have thought she had been given a lifeline. Imagine the delight felt by this powerless woman—for Christians are a tiny and discriminated against minority in Pakistan—when the governor of Pakistan’s largest province, the flamboyant secular Muslim, Salmaan Taseer, publicly took up her case. With such a high-profile champion, Asia would have been forgiven for thinking that her savior had arrived and that she would soon be freed.

In 2011 Salmaan Taseer was gunned down by his own bodyguard, Mumtaz Qadri, who brutally pumped nine bullets into the body of the man he mercilessly betrayed.

Salmaan’s “crime” was to campaign publicly in defense of Asia, and for a change to Pakistan’s archaic blasphemy laws.

And what did the Muslim public think of this murder?

Qadri came to be regarded as a hero by many Barelwi Pakistani Sufi Muslims for “defending” the “honor” of the Prophet Muhammad. And as if to rub acid into the wounds, the assassin was showered with rose petals as he walked to his trial through spontaneous rallies held in his support.

Disgusting. But hang on, there’s more to this story than just this and it should be known the world over to expose just how sickening this culture really is.

Last week, Qadri finally was executed by the state of Pakistan for his crime. Tens of thousands of Pakistani Muslims joined Qadri’s funeral procession to mourn his death, and to hail him as a martyr.

This Muslim murderer was praised and showered with glory in the name of Mohammed. This is how Muslims operate, this is how backward their thinking is. This is who we are letting into America and no Liberal gives a damn. This isn’t the dark ages anymore and Islam has no place in our world anymore. Wipe it out.

(Source: The Daily Beast)