A Marine Sees Obama Standing In The Middle Of The Street, When Suddenly…HA HA!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A Marine was coming home from the Pentagon one day.

He noticed that there was a lot more traffic than normal. As he got further up the road all of the traffic had come to a halt.

He saw a policeman coming towards his car, so he asked the cop what was wrong.

The cop said, “Man, we are in a crisis situation. Mr. Obama is in the road, very upset. President Trump just told him that he has to give back all the money that he spent on vacation for the past 8 years, to the tune of $20 million. He is threatening to douse himself in gasoline and start a fire.”

The marine asked the cop exactly what he was doing there.

The cop said, ” I feel sorry for him, so I am going car to car asking for donations.”

The marine asked, “How much do you have so far?”

The cop replied, “Well as of right now only 33 gallons, but many people are still siphoning as we speak!


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