A Fast Food Cashier Helped A Child Pay For His Meal. The Kid Came Back…With A 5000% Tip!

I’ve always said it – when a person is good, there’s nothing that can keep them from doing good. If they’re bad, there’s no amount of sugarcoating to cover the fact that they’re rotten to the core.

However, one fast food worker, on the good side, just got a taste of what it’s like to have one heck of a surprise come in the form of a reward for his kindness. While at the end of his shift, a fast food worker named Travis, who works at a burger chain called Freddy’s, was approached by a nervous young boy with a fistful of cash.

The boy’s request was dessert, but the odd youngster didn’t have enough. Travis gave the boy his money back, pulled out his own credit card and swiped, saying “It’s on me.”

The boy’s eyes lit up, and the next day, Travis got a hand written note on the back of the receipt, with a $100 bill folded in it.

Who says good things don’t happen to good people?

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