A Clueless MSNBC Reporter Got DESTROYED By An 11 Year Old Trump Supporter On LIVE TV!

I don’t think I’m out of my depth to say that we all like it when someone on the other team gets put in their place after running their mouth, but it’s extra double good when that someone on our team is a child that apparently has more brains and backbone than the entire liberal media combined. Yes, a child.

In a North Carolina rally for Donald Trump, an 11 year old boy named Matthew Schricker asked Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence whether his tempered approach was meant to “soften” Trump’s message. The crowd reacted with surprise and the liberal media ran with it, proclaiming that Matthew put Pence in his place and that children and Trump somehow don’t mix.

Here’s the clip:

That’s when he got invited to the liberal playground known as MSNBC, where they thought could throw him softball questions and expecting him to be against Trump. Little did they know that Matthew was an avid Trump supporter and the first thing he did was give them a piece of his mind!

Matthew railed on the liberal media for twisting his words and clarified what he initially said at the Pence event, with his proud mother sitting right next to him. Now, I’m not sure the MSNBC reporter woke up that day and knew she was going to get roasted by an 11 year old, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t satisfying.

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If this kid is the future of America, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.