A Christian Asked Ashton What To Pray For On National TV, His Reply Left Everyone Speechless

Ashton Kutcher is a good guy. Hollywood is infested with bleeding-heart libtards, but there’s still a few good apples making movies. Kutcher is one of them.

A lighthearted Today Show interview turned serious when anchor Kathy Lee Gifford asked Kutcher what he needed people to pray for. Instantly the star responded:

“You know what you can pray for me about? I’ve got something. I made a pledge that I was going to start fighting human trafficking. I started a foundation called ‘Thorn’ with my ex-wife and we’re building digital tools to fight human trafficking.

So basically, the purchase and commerce of human trafficking is happening online, just like everything else now. We’re building digital tools to fight back against it.”

Go Kutcher! It’s refreshing to see an actor who’s passionate about a real cause. He could have mumbled some anti-Trump nonsense in response to Gifford’s question, but he didn’t. Sincerity is rare trait in Hollywood.

(Source: Faith Tap)